NPS has adopted activity based learning.
The idea of it is rooted in the common notion that children are active learners rather than passive recipients of the information. When the child is provided an opportunity to explore and with an optimum learning environment then the learning becomes joyful and long-lasting.
A separate indoor play area provides a safe atmosphere for our Little Champs.
This area is equipped with colourful, attractive and well designed concepts for role play activities like Doll house, Farmhouse, Jungle, Puppet corner, Post box etc.,

NPS has the advanced audio visual rooms set up with world-class technology enabled teaching tools equipped with Large Format Projector, Audio/ Video Player and Computers with the objective of making teaching more interesting and effective.
The teaching comes alive with the teaching resources such as Animation clips, Videos, Pictures, Rhymes, stories which are shown to children using the projector.
At NPS we have a state of the art smart interactive learning system which gives an enriched learning experience to our children. They learn different concepts of Shapes, Colours, Blocks, Fruits and Vegetables etc. The Touch and Learn technology helps improve their cognitive skills.

NPS has a full fledged multipurpose auditorium which is extensively used for functions, debates, competitions, visual presentations. It is air conditioned and is well equipped with sophisticated light and sound system with a well set stage to provide students an opportunity to get ample stage exposure, to organize various events for parents and celebrations of various festivals.

NPS has spacious, highly innovative, conceptual, bright and good ventilated classrooms with CCTV surveillance. Provides a space where learning takes place without any distractions from external factors. Each class room has customised furniture which enables comfortable seating for the students. 

At NPS, teachers are mindful of the fact that they approach required topics with enthusiasm that inspires students to learn.
They initiate students to think deeply, pose questions and pursue big ideas from many perspectives. NPS has a creative learning resources such as painting, scribbling, colouring, glass painting, clay modelling, building blocks, paper tearing, folding, pasting etc.,
NPS’s innovative and creative learning resources are Talking Tree, Magical Mat and Talking Pen.
We believe this helps children enjoy their school time and develop their potentials through creative and innovative methodology.

Talking tree- It is an highly interactive robotic teacher which uses artificial intelligence to transform the way we think about classroom teaching and learning.
Magical mat- Magical mat is an interactive project tool that is simultaneously an interactive floor and table, being a didactic aid designed for exercises games and all motion based activities together with the set of multimedia content intended for children.
This helps children to improve their motor skills.
Talking pen- Talking pen is a revolutionary learning technology with significantly increases children’s learning speed. Bing sound to paper, make paper, speak and we have a simple multimedia creative experience that inspires and excites children.

The indoor games facility at NPS provides the students an opportunity to unwind from the rigorous academic schedules. Activities like Table Tennis, Yoga, Dance classes, Gym, Chess, carom is very helpful in the development of co-ordination skills of children, helps in their physical and mental growth.
It also helps students to rejuvenate and mingle with peers. It enables them to become team players and simultaneously team learning is inculcated.

*NPS library comprises of a varied collection of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, reference books, text books, teacher’s resources, news papers, periodicals and in-house publications. 

A library is a collection of sources of information, though technology has improved in the society, books will never disappear and it is a great source of knowledge.

*NPS has a Science lab which is a work place for the conduct of scientific experiments. It helps students to remember the concepts better and it also transfers the experience to other learning situations. NPS mainly focuses on practical learning, so we provide good laboratory system.

*NPS has a well designed computer lab for kids run by a well educated and qualified faculty. Every child can enjoy an individual access to a computer under the guidance of an instructor.


NPS play area is joyful area for the kids to make their childhood more lively with equipped Swings, Slides, Trampoline, Merry-go-ground, Splash pool, A Big Sand Pit, Monkey Bars, Basket Ball Poll, Archery, Long Jump Pit, High Jump Pit, Cricket Pitch With Bowling Machine, Mini Golf, Gun Shooting, Mini football, Rope climbing, Wave board, Gun shooting, Shuttle Court, Mini Foot Ball, which helps develop physical co-ordination, strength and flexibility.

NPS has drinking water available throughout the day on each floor of the campus. Drinking quality water is quintessential for everyone especially growing children. Keeping this in mind, NPS sets a standard facility by providing the most sought after RO Purified Drinking Water

To inspire young minds and to make them more innovative learners, NPS has Special Robotic training every weekend. Robotics takes teaching technology to a new level, an evolution in teaching because introducing robotics to school means making “STEM” skills and knowledge hands-on and fun to prepare students for the future that is more technologically creative.

NPS provides better safety and security to the students while they are commuting from school to home or vice versa and this is the top most priority of our school management.
We have three transportation vehicles with licensed drivers and with good experienced driving skills.

The vehicles are GPRS enabled and the routes are under constant tracking process and it’s absolutely under the surveillance and supervision of the management. Parents can also have an access to this GPRS tracking on the movement of the vehicle, its location and routes.

Each vehicle has a lady attendee, a first aid box and CCTV surveillance camera.